DynOne Dynamics Plugin

The ultimate smart parallel multi-band dynamics processor.

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DynOne features

Flexible multiband controls

5 bands with custom-built linear-phase gentle crossovers at 160Hz, 800Hz, 4kHz and 11kHz

Enhanced control for mixing and mastering

From variable RMS vs peak detection, to stereo linking percentages all the way to control signal variations

Simple yet beautiful design

Beautiful Retina interface with unique design, focused on the optimal workflow

Extremely good filters

The highest quality FIR filtering we could have for modern CPU

Multiple DAW & OS compatibility

Available on Mac OSX (10.9 +), Windows 8, 10 (64-bit only) in AAX-Native, VST, VST3 and AU

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Parallel multiband compression and upward expansion

Many multiband compressors take too much time to set up and tweak. Our Dynone was designed to have fixed bands where you are literally mixing in the compressed signal.

Ultimate attack and release controls

Dynone has min-max values for attack and release, and allows you to set different timing depending on whether the signal is transient in nature or not.

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Seth Drake
Mastering Engineer
Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, Ellie Goulding, Nina Simone
The sound is mental, it got me 80% to my default mastering chain by only using the faders in under 10min. I'm so excited to dig deeper into their impressive timing options. Top notch <3.
Bob Katz
Grammy Award-winning Engineer
Paquito D’Rivera, Sinéad O'Connor, Dizzy Gillespie, Livingston Taylor, McCoy Tyner
The DynOne plugin is the first (and only) replacement for a $13,000 external digital processor that I own. This processor contains a unique and powerful parallel compression algorithm. In the past I’ve tried plugins and other “in the box” and “out of the box” techniques to replace or supplement this external processor, and they’ve all failed my critical listening — up to now!

If what you are looking for is a transparent level or loudness raise, I recommend DynOne, which has the most transparent parallel compression I’ve heard. It can “invisibly” raise the level of a recording a considerable amount without creating any artifacts. In fact, it’s so invisible you may have a hard time believing it’s actually in your chain.

DynOne Plugin

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