Who we are

We love analog and we love digital. We also recognise that there are things you can’t do in the analog domain and understand that focus is key. You will not find us creating analog imitations. There are other companies that do this very well. We want to solely focus on tools that use the strength of digital to shape and improve sound. Here is a short introduction on each of us:

Jeroen Dreessen

Jeroen is managing the operational and technical aspects of our plugin development. He is the perfectionist, making sure every little aspect of our product works. He is a true techhead, graduated as an electronics engineer and has worked in 3D-audio, digital cinema systems, prototyping algorithms, home theatre systems and automotive audio tuning. In his spare time, he plays the guitar. He loves building things that enable people to make music, including his own electric guitar and effect pedals. And he really loves hiking in nature. His Instagram is @jeroendreessen

Favourite band/artist: Tool
Favourite pizza: Hawaii

Robin Reumers

Robin is managing our product development. He truly loves everything business, always looking for new opportunities, expanding his network and walking around with tons of ideas. He has a background in audio engineering (focused on mixing and mastering), currently resides in Miami, and has been nominated twice for a Latin Grammy. He has worked as a CTO for one of the largest studios in Europe, was heavily involved in the development of an immersive (3D) audio format and has over 9 years of experience in professional audio education. In his spare time, he basically does what he does professionally and likes coding and dancing Salsa. His Instagram is @robinreumers

Favourite band/artist: Norah Jones
Favourite pizza: Pepperoni NY Pizza

Emiliano Caballero

Emiliano is managing our artist relations program. He loves connecting with our users willing to work with our amazing products. He is a mixing engineer and producer, worked at iconic studios around the globe, always travelling, teaches audio engineering at a prestigious institute and has worked with Grammy Award-winning artists. He is a highly skilled guitar player as well. In his spare time, he loves making music and is a true animal lover. His Instagram is @ecproducer

Favourite band/artist: Dire Straits
Favourite pizza: Margherita 3 dollar slice from Bleecker St Pizza in NYC (Best…place…ever)

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