DynOne Dynamics Plugin

The ultimate smart parallel multi-band dynamics processor.

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CenterOne Spatial Plugin

Adjust your phantom center signal without changing the panorama or spectral characteristics.

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Focus your precious time on creativity and let our plugins do the work for you. We made the interfaces minimalistic and incredibly easy to use. This way you can focus on creating only the best music!

Keep your creativity going with Leapwing plugins!

Intuitive use

We build easy-to-use and intuitive tools

Pristine sound

We aim for only the best sound quality and we don’t settle for less

We are users

We use our tools on a daily basis. We are not just developers.

Sparking creativity

Our tools are built to inspire creativity

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about us

We love analog and we love digital. We also recognise that there are things you can’t do in the analog domain and understand that focus is key. You will not find us creating analog imitations. There are other companies that do this very well. We want to solely focus on tools that use the strength of digital to shape and improve sound.

We are geeks but also end-users. We don’t want to build complicated tools, where it takes a user 10 minutes to get a decent sound. Our goal is that once you open our tools, that within 10 seconds, you understand what it does and you get a great sound within the next 10 seconds.

We have a clear dedication to build something that’s easy to use and intuitive.

We pride ourselves to focus on only using the highest quality filters and algorithms we can come up with, knowing the current boundaries of modern-day CPUs. We might spend weeks getting filters to sound just the way we want. We also strongly believe that our paying customers should not be our beta testers so we’ve set up a very strong testing and debugging framework to make sure our plugins leave here in the best possible condition.

Robin Reumers

MD – Product Development

Jeroen Dreessen

MD - Operations

Emiliano Caballero

MD - Support & Testing
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