January 8, 2019


Leapwing Products

Below you find all our products, which are all build around the same goal: Focus your precious time on creativity and let our plugins do the work for you. We made the interfaces minimalistic and incredibly easy to use.
RootOne Subharmonics Plugin
Don’t compromise on your low-end! RootOne is designed from the ground up as a new way to generate and shape subharmonic frequencies. We set out to create the cleanest low-end possible, phase-aligned with the original sound. RootOne lets you set 3 low frequency bands with variable crossover frequencies. Our analysis-synthesis algorithm carefully analyzes amplitude, phase and pitch, and each band looks for a frequency an octave above and generates a clean subharmonic note within the selected band.

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StageOne Width & Depth Plugin
Need to open up a stereo mix, individual drums, piano or guitars and making them wider without sounding phasey and keeping mono-compatibility? Or add depth to dry recordings without changing the tone or timbre? Or turn a mono instrument recording into stereo, much bigger than ever before. It’s possible NOW!

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DynOne 3 Dynamics Plugin
Many multiband compressors take too much time to set up and tweak. DynOne has been designed with fixed bands so you can literally mix in the compressed signal. DynOne has min-max values for attack and release, and applies variable timing values depending on whether the signal is transient in nature or not.

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CenterOne Center Manipulation Plugin
Feel like the vocal is just a tiny bit too loud, but don’t want to change any of the stereo spread. CenterOne allows you to bring the phantom center in a stereo signal forward or backward without changing positions of any panned signals.

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Leapwing Merchandise
Due to popular demand, we decided to create branded merchandise. Our first is the “Dress to Compress” design which can be bought via our partner Spreadshirt (link below). Your chance to proudly represent the Leapwing family.

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