Bob Katz taking DynOne v2 for a spin

Bob Katz just took DynOne v2 for a spin and here is what he encountered:

“I’ve just started putting Leapwing’s DynOne version 2 to use. It’s so packed with ergonomic and functional improvements that I’ve only scratched the surface of what it can now do.

Today I used it for parallel compression on an album of extremely purist acoustic and electric jazz where the clients do not want to mess up the dynamics. In fact, they love dynamics! DynOne (version 2) came through in spades. I used DynOne on 7 out of 10 songs. The other three songs did not need any dynamics processing at all. Several of the mixes were crying for a “rock” quality although they were originally mixed extremely naturally and conservatively. DynOne was able to help impart a more aggressive “rock” quality to several songs that needed some additional punch and impact. The client is thrilled with my “rock” approach to the songs in question… I was able to get the punch and power that was needed without losing the sense of dynamic range of the song.

On other songs I used DynOne for the most subtle improvement in definition of soft passages, to help the body of the music without losing its soul. It’s very rare to find a processor that is so versatile that at one moment I can use it subtly, and at another quite aggressively, all while retaining the transients, the transparency and depth of the musical material.”


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