DynOne 3 Release

We’re really excited to launch DynOne 3, a multiband parallel processor featuring newly developed algorithms and filters for state-of-the-art processing. The Leapwing Audio team has rebuilt several parts of the award- winning plugin from the ground up to achieve the highest quality possible. Multiband Parallel Processing is suitable for any genre of music or any professional audio situations where low- level subtleties tend to get lost in the program or mix. Instead of squashing the dynamics of your audio material, DynOne 3 lifts the low-level details. Additionally, the DynOne 3 multiband processing allows you to shape the tone of your material by adjusting the level of each band, without sacrificing the fundamental dynamics within the music or program.

What’s new in DynOne 3?
• Variable crossover frequencies and slope
The all-new DynOne 3 gives you the ability to change the crossover frequencies between the different bands. This change was a massive undertaking since the bands were always designed to compensate for each other. We also added the possibility to toggle between the default ‘gentle’ slope and the added ‘steep’ slope between the different bands.
• All-new proprietary Center-Side Mode
We often get asked by our DynOne users to include MS options. While designing DynOne 3, we soon realized we were not satisfied with the artefacts when experimenting with MS. So, we came up with the Center-Side mode (based on our very own CenterOne algorithm). This new feature allows you to process the sound information in the center of the stereo image separately from the sides.
• Ability to use between 1 and 5 processing bands
DynOne 3 gives you the ability to disable individual bands! With this new feature, you now have the option to effectively use 1 band for full-band compression, 3 bands for overall tone shaping, or the default 5 bands for typical DynOne usage. Giving you more flexibility!
• All new resizable Retina GUI for improved ergonomics
We designed the DynOne 3 GUI from the ground up with an improved layout and fully resizable high-resolution User Interface. This new UI makes you work significantly faster while maintaining our clean and intuitive signature design.
• Master Quality mode
Next to Low Latency and Ultra Quality modes, you’re now able to toggle a third mode for absolute best processing quality. If CPU load is too high, you can opt to only use this mode for offline processing, or bouncing.
• DXD support
Whereas DynOne v2 was limited to a sample rate of 192kHz, DynOne 3 is able to process up to 384kHz if your DAW and audio interface support it.
• Individual plugin outputs per band
This new feature gives the ability to process any of our filtered bands separately for extra flexibility.


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