Project Tree: Doing The Right Thing

Do you know your footprint?

We are passionate about what we do. But we also realize that everything we do has a certain impact on our beautiful planet.

We feel that as humans, we should take every measurable step to end up leaving our planet better than the one we inherited. This is something that has been on our mind in recent years. We have been keeping track of the harm we are doing to our planet and have decided that we need to take steps forward with this.

Our footprint
To give you an example: for Leapwing, we are a small company but still identified things like travel (flights and cars), computing power for development and R&D and our cloud server hosting. All these elements produce CO2. An average desktop computer consumes about 175kg of CO2 per year. And did you know that every plugin has its CO2 footprint too? Now, what if we told you that a fully grown tree (10 years old) can absorb about 22kg of CO2 per year.

The restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation.

Project Tree
This is the reason we decided that for every plugin we sell (starting on July 1st 2019), we will buy and plant one tree. We will be planting these trees in collaboration with “Limburgs Landschap” in our very own Limburg (Belgium) and are planning to do so in November this year. You can follow the progress on our Social Media channels. After this, we will review the plan and continue looking at how we can contribute to this going forward. Because we want to make this the beginning of something great.

We want to make a difference to the world of music with our plugins, let’s do the same for our environment. As a small company, we believe in the principle of ‘Thinking global by acting local’. Project Tree is just a small step but we hope it will spark others to do the same. We are thankful to be able to do what we do, and grateful for all the support we have received so-far.. We pay it forward with Project Tree. Thank you!

About Limburgs Landschap
“Limburgs Landschap” is a non-profit organisation that aims to secure valuable landscapes and nature areas in Limburg (Belgium). It does this by purchasing those areas, followed by sophisticated management, preserving and restoring complete ecosystems. Since 1971, more than 2500 hectares of nature have been protected, spread over some 40 nature reserves throughout Limburg. Limburgs Landschap can do this because it is supported by a large group of people in and outside Limburg who are protectors of “Limburgs Landschap” (the members or donors) and by the support of the government and local volunteers.

In case you want to read some recent articles about the possible impact of having more trees:


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