Resolution Magazine reviews

We are extremely honoured to have had both of our plugins reviewed by the prestigious Resolution Magazine. You can read both reviews here:

DynOne PDF Link
“I was lucky enough to receive a very early version of this plug-in and with the first listening session, my expectations of a parallel compressor and multiband compressor were heightened. I have just upgraded my DynOne v1 to the new version two, a free upgrade offering some welcome new features such as custom band linking, lower latency, LUFS metering, A/B comparison, presets and more. This is one of the coolest and most useful plug-ins in my digital tool set.” Piper Payne

CenterOne PDF Link
“I’ve always felt that boutique plugin developers are a bastion of risk taking and forward thinking ideas. In order to stand out in a field dominated by the established plugin powerhouses and ever improving built-in plug-ins by DAW developers themselves these small companies need to think outside the box to get attention. To that end Leapwing Audio is such a forward thinking developer, and their £179 CenterOne plug-in is just the kind of offering I like to see to get my creative juices flowing.” Bill Lacey


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