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In the summer of 2020, we released RootOne, our fourth plugin, building on our existing reputation for audio quality. RootOne is our unique multi-band subharmonics generator and shaper plugin, giving punch to your low-end signal. Just like previous plugins in the ONE series, RootOne was born from necessity and experience.

As Robin Reumers, co-founder of Leapwing, explains: “The 3 of us, as well as other engineers we talked to, experience some limitations with traditional subharmonic synthesizers. We like what they could do but never felt 100% satisfied. They often cause phase shifting in the low-end, resulting in a sense of detachment from the original sound. Therefore we wanted to develop a new approach for generating low frequencies to overcome those obstacles. This inspired us to create our own analysis-synthesis algorithm, which allows users to generate the cleanest subharmonics possible, phase-aligned with the original sound.”

“This inspired us to create our analysis-synthesis algorithm, which allows users to generate the cleanest subharmonics possible, phase-aligned with the original sound.”

We were determined to make one of the cleanest subharmonics and introduce it as such. With the support of our close friends and our strong user-base community, many took RootOne for a thorough test, trying them on different instruments and situations. We shared them on our social media channel and put them together in this blog article for your convenience. You’ll find the overview of the magazine and online platform reviews, plus a series of instructional and review videos below.

Magazines and online platforms:

The traditional technique used by subharmonic generators is to use a band-passed pitch-shifted signal. But the engineers at Leapwing Audio felt that this resulted in a sound that was detached from the original audio, so they set to work on developing a new analysis-synthesis algorithm for generating the cleanest subharmonics possible.

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Professional Composers
RootOne is simply the best subharmonics generator I ever tried. Simply because the output is so clean sounding, and phase-aligned, which makes it blend perfectly with the original instrument. One of my favourite ways to use it is to add weight in the sub-range on orchestral basses, or electric basses, because their lowest fundamental does not go that deep.

It does not feel like an “added low synth layer”, but rather like the instrument you play have extra sub-bass fundamental, as Rootone follows your performances as well. As a bonus, it really can make your low end extremely clear and powerful in your final mix and master.

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Future Music
RootOne received the Future Music Platinum Award!

RootOne offers a fresh take on sub-enhancement, creating some of the most impressive results of any plugin we’ve tried.
“For producers working in sub-heavy club genres, we could see this becoming something of a secret weapon.”

Read the full review in their December 2020 issue or online at

Sound on Sound Magazine
RootOne seemed able to do something interesting for pretty much any sound source and instrument that I was processing.

“So seductive that’s it’s easy to overuse it!”

Combining phase‑aligned subharmonics and harmonics in a very musical and intelligent way, Leapwing RootOne sets new standards in bass enhancement. No matter how thin‑sounding the source is, the chances are that this plug‑in will make something interesting out of it.

Spotlight Magazine

Who would benefit from this plugin? Short answer: everyone. But most definitely those aspiring and emerging creatives that struggle to get that all-important low-end fine-tuned in their mixes. It’s pretty damned surgical, this plugin – but a the same time, because you’re working in frequency ranges that are deliberately limited, it’s pretty much impossible to lose your way with RootOne.

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Protools Expert:

“In my opinion, RootOne is better. For three reasons. The UI is one of those cases of “just enough”. I can get results quickly, always a good thing. The sound is clean, the dynamic phase processing might be responsible for this or maybe it’s just a better process, whichever it is it doesn’t sound “stuck on” to the original sound in the way some other processors can when pushed.”

A full review plus video:


If you are creating dance music for clubs you will certainly want very low bass, and RootOne can produce frequencies down to 10 Hz. Even if you are creating “radio-ready” tracks for broadcast or streaming, RootOne can help produce tones that will cut through a mix and play better on limited bass systems.

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Resolution Magazine:

“As with CenterOne and StageOne, Leapwing has taken a process that is often relegated to the status of a gimmick and transformed subharmonics synthesis into a useful and very professional tool with RootOne.”

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“Justin Colletti tries out the latest from Leapwing Audio, a subharmonic generator called RootOne, in this “First Look” video walkthrough.
It’s a new take on adding low end to your tracks and helping your low frequencies instruments cut through the mix. Find out how it works and what you can do with it below.”

Check out the exclusive video:

Headliner magazine

“Having never dived quite this intricately into the world of subharmonics, working solely in frequency bands which are pretty notorious, and that I’m not 100% au fait with, I’m pretty astounded how much I’ve improved the sound of this kick in a matter of 10 or so minutes, being way bolder than normal. I unsolo the kick, play the multitrack, and there is suddenly a real vibe.”

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Produce Like A Pro

Since you can really get in there and focus on what you want to do with the bass and the kick, it is a very powerful tool for shaping that low end. For example, on a bass where there is a pumping low end on one note, that totally disappears on the next note, using this plugin to control those dynamics is going to help you get consistent low end pumping the whole time. It also saves you from having to use additional compression and EQ, etc.

Full review:

Leapwing RootOne videos:

RootOne’s features with Maria Elisa Ayerbe

Watch Maria using RootOne on a variety of instruments as part of a project she is currently working on while exploring all the features of this plugin.

More RootOne videos:
Produce Like A Pro: New Plugin gives you the CLEANEST LOW END possible?

Michael James: Tools of the Trade, featuring RootOne.

Headliner, spotlight review: Leapwing Audio RootOne Review | Subharmonics On Drums

Whitenoise studio: Leapwing Audio Rootone – cleanest tight low end subharmonics generator! – Plugin Review

In Spanish: Adrian Tucker: Cómo POTENCIAR el LOW END con armónicos | Leapwing Audio ROOTONE Review

Check out the RootOne playlist on our Youtube channel:

Leapwing Friends

“RootOne is a versatile sub plugin. I really like the punch and drive modes!” – Michael Brauer
7x Grammy-winning mix engineer (Coldplay, John Mayer, Aretha Franklin) Michael Brauer using Leapwing RootOne.

Thank you all for the support and positive or constructive feedback!

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