Al Schmitt UI

Al Schmitt
Signature Plugin

Al Schmitt UI

Capturing the signature sound of one of the most iconic music producer-engineers!

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(until July 9th 2024)

Tasteful and beautiful sounding

We are really proud to announce our first signature plugin, developed with none other than legendary producer-engineer Al Schmitt, who unfortunately passed away recently. Our team worked with Al in analyzing his workflow, gear and processes of the last decades, from subtle harmonic characteristics to echos, compression and EQ. This then led us to create distinctive features that define his sound.

The Al Schmitt signature plugin has 6 distinct profiles: vocal, piano, bass, brass, strings, and mix (bus). Each one has different sonic characteristics and parameters based on Al’s workflow and perception of each instrument. Distilled to minimal controls, and conceived to allow you to get your sound instantly.

Signature sound

Having analysed countless of records, as well as Al’s workflow and gear, we worked meticulously to recreate his signature sound.

6 unique profiles

Vocal, piano, bass, brass, strings, and mix (bus) profile, each individually tuned with their own parameters.

Beautiful Design with optimal workflow

Beautiful Retina design with most common controls on one screen and a complete range of fine adjustments only a click away

Wide Compatibility

Available on Mac OSX (10.13 +) (M1-Native), Windows 8, 10 (64-bit only) in AAX-Native, VST3 and AU

Made by a dedicated support team who listen to the community

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Learn more about Al Schmitt

Take a closer look at all the available options by reading our manual.


A signature sound that inspires creativity

A music legend

An industry veteran, Al Schmitt recorded artists for over 7 decades, all the way from Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Miles Davis; to Johnny Cash, Steely Dan, Barbra Streisand, Natalie Cole, Diana Krall, Celine Dion and Paul McCartney. As a winner of 20 Grammy awards, 2 Latin Grammys and a Trustees Grammy for Lifetime Achievement, Schmitt has helped artists garner an astounding 160 gold and platinum albums.

Beautiful sounding reverbs

The reverbs, or echos as Al called them, are carefully tuned reflections that represent the beautiful depth that Al was known for in his mixes. Each echo comes with a 3 echo types, so you can select one of 3 tuned reflection patterns, depending on the application.

Quick and intuitive interface

It looks good and it sounds good, because we were thinking of you when we designed it.

Our algorithm makes it easy to get a good sound and the simple interface lets you visualise the adjustments you make as you hear them.

Al Schmitt

Capturing the signature sound of one of the most iconic music producer-engineers!

104 149
(until July 9th 2024)

Al Schmitt UI