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DynOne release notes

Version 3.12.5 – 13/10/2023 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– fixed a crash related to linked parameters

Version 3.12.4 – 26/09/2023
– fixed an issue with the GainReduction host feedback parameter
– fixed an issue with Offline Master Quality toggle state
– fixed a crash when loading a mono instance in Pro Tools
– fixed an issue with the LR/CS copy function
– improved cpu load
– improved authentication user experience
– various internal improvements

Version 3.12.3 – 29/11/2022 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– added support for automation enable dialog in Pro Tools
– various internal improvements

Version 3.12.2 – 27/06/2022
– fixed lagging response of crossover frequency slider
– fixed double-click to reset sliders
– fixed crash when using up-down arrow key to set slider values
– various internal improvements

Version 3.12.1 – 29/05/2022
– fixed bug with ctrl-click fader in CS mode
– fixed Pro Tools crash when duplicating a plugin instance
– fixed update available message
– various internal improvements

Version 3.12 – 02/05/2022
– added zoom option on gain reduction meter
– added LR to CS copy on first switch
– added AAX pagetables
– added compression gain meter support for AAX
– added support for AAX audiosuite
– added OpenGL support
– fixed redundant Rosetta installer popup during installation on M1 macs
– fixed bug with latency compensation in Ableton VST2
– fixed bug with latency compensation in Studio One
– fixed bug that caused short fade-in in Sequoia
– improved parameter entry and slider behaviour
– various internal improvements

Version 3.10.3 – 14/07/2021 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– added CTRL-click shortcut to link Band faders
– fixed missing Band Solo state in a saved session
– various internal improvements

Version 3.10.2 – 07/05/2021
– fixed a Pro Tools load bug related to attack and release ranges

Version 3.10.1 – 04/05/2021
– fixed a bug with crossover display on load

Version 3.10 – 30/04/2021
– added Apple Silicon support for AU and VST3
– improved core processing efficiency
– improved GUI code refactoring
– improved short-term LUFS as default metering option
– fixed delta loudness metering latency
– fixed an audio glitch when re-opening GUI in Pro Tools
– fixed offline render in MQ disabled in Logic Pro when LowLatency mode is selected
– fixed an audio glitch when A/B switching
– various internal improvements

Version 3.8 – 07/10/2020 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– improved delta meter behaviour
– improved graphics
– fixed latency compensation instantiation bug in Ableton Live
– fixed threading crashes caused by Threshold/Ratio textbox (CS mode)

Version 3.6 – 11/09/2020
– fixed random noise glitch at core instantiation
– various internal improvements

Version 3.4 – 11/06/2020
– fixed fader readout sometimes showing 0.0000
– fixed crash when closing GUI with an opened popup slider
– fixed lagging linked faders in CS mode
– fixed loading issue for several hosts (Cakewalk, Sonar, Sadie, ..)
– various internal improvements

Version 3.2 – 18/02/2020 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– added new logo
– added Apple Notarization, support for macOS Catalina
– improved graphics
– improved band solo downmix in CS mode
– improved slider popup closing after pressing enter
– fixed authentication for missing serial
– fixed slow GUI opening on Windows
– fixed latency compensation in host bypass mode
– various internal improvements

Version 3.0.1 – 22/11/2019
– fixed mono track compatibility issue for AU

Version 3.0 – 21/12/2019
– Initial DynOne 3 version

Version 2.4 – 14/02/2019 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– added preset menu Options
– fixed a master section preset crash in Wavelab
– fixed a user permissions issue in the Windows installer

Version 2.2 – 28/09/2018
– added possibility to type in Threshold values without “-” sign
– added possibility to move faders 0.1dB up/down by pressing up/down arrow keys
– added ‘enable automation dialogue’ shortcut: ctrl-alt-cmd-click for Pro Tools
– added double-click and Alt-click functionality to default to min-max sliders
– improved gradient colours
– improved slider text bubbles
– fixed window rescaling issue with iZotope Ozone
– fixed jitter in min-max slider buttons
– fixed a bug that loaded the default preset when making the plugin inactive in Pro Tools
– fixed a bug that made tabs sometimes unresponsive to mouse-clicks
– fixed incorrect recall of min-max values when they have the same value
– fixed a bug that didn’t save the preset name in a session
– fixed UQ/LL latency compensation change during playback in Pro Tools
– fixed buffer issue for LL mode in FL Studio
– fixed buffer glitch for LL mode in Wavelab/Sequoia/Samplitude
– fixed a VST3 crash in Reaper

Version 2.0 – 27/06/2018
– added Low Latency crossover filters
– added crossover frequency labels
– added Bypass button
– added Undo/Redo buttons
– added AB comparison
– added Preset management and presets
– added subgroup linking
– added Settings tab
– added Band Auto Gain on/off switch
– added K-weighted loudness meters for IN and OUT
– added Delta meter under OUT meter (cmd-click)
– added relative drag to faders
– added tab-follows-fader function
– improved Info Menu
– improved authentication window
– improved GUI and graphics overall
– improved several parts of processing code
– improved shift-click area to solo band faders
– improved visual feedback when a fader is in solo mode
– improved peak hold time, now 4 seconds
– improved Ratio slider
– improved VST3 category, now Dynamics
– improved Trial experience
– fixed a graphics glitch when a track gets deleted while 2 DynOne GUI’s are open
– fixed an issue with exporting unused midi parameters
– fixed VST3TestHost crashes
– fixed a buffer glitch in Garageband and Logic Pro X
– fixed a crash bug in Cubase
– fixed a file delete-copy issue in the installer
– fixed silence glitches in Sequoia, Samplitude and Wavelab rendering

Version 1.10 – 05/01/2018
– added: solo individual bands with Shift-Click
– improved: various GUI elements
– improved: color of text edit fields
– improved: remove checkbox option for Runtime installers
– fixed: missing copy actions for Windows Trial installer
– fixed: OSX deployment target version issue
– fixed: caching of initial counterpart value when faders move opposite
– fixed: dry/wet sync issue for 192kHz
– fixed: crash issue in Sequoia on Windows 8.1/ Mac Pro setups

Version 1.8 – 04/06/2017
– improved: threading implementation to optimise cpu load
– improved: snap area of IN-OUT faders
– fixed: bypass button bug in Studio One

Version 1.6 – 16/04/2017
– added: better visual cue for linked faders
– added: update notification icon
– added: shift-click moves IN-OUT faders in opposite direction
– improved: overall CPU load and threading model
– improved: component selection in installers
– improved: channel link disabled for multi-mono instances
– fixed: license UI overlay image size
– fixed: missing hide button in license pane
– fixed: alt-click fader to 0 dB in Pro Tools

Version 1.4 – 08/03/2017
– added: available update notification
– improved: UI size for low-res screens
– improved: installer by removing dependency on VC++ redistributables
– improved: CPU load for higher sample rates
– fixed: support for SADiE
– fixed: glitch when putting plugin in bypass
– fixed: metering flickers when toggling between instances of DynOne
– fixed: metering refresh after playback stops
– fixed: wrong path in AAX removal script

Version 1.2 – 24/01/2017
– improved: skew of ratio/attack/release slider for more precision at low values
– fixed: CPU load spikes for high crest values
– fixed: issue for extreme min/max settings
– fixed: license folder permissions issue
– fixed: detection slider bug
– fixed: a few minor UI issues

Version 1.0 – 12/01/2017
– first public release

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