DynOne release notes

Version 2.0 – 27/06/2018 – added Low Latency crossover filters – added crossover frequency labels – added Bypass button – added Undo/Redo buttons – added AB comparison – added Preset management and presets – added subgroup linking – added Settings tab – added Band Auto Gain on/off switch – added K-weighted loudness meters for IN and OUT – added Delta meter under OUT meter (cmd-click) – added relative drag to faders – added tab-follows-fader function – improved Info Menu – improved authentication window – improved GUI and graphics overall – improved several parts of processing code – improved shift-click area to solo band faders – improved visual feedback when a fader is in solo mode – improved peak hold time, now 4 seconds – improved Ratio slider – improved VST3 category, now Dynamics – improved Trial experience – fixed a graphics glitch when a track gets deleted while 2 DynOne GUI’s are open – fixed an issue with exporting unused midi parameters – fixed VST3TestHost crashes – fixed a buffer glitch in Garageband and Logic Pro X – fixed a crash bug in Cubase – fixed a file delete-copy issue in the installer – fixed silence glitches in Sequoia, Samplitude and Wavelab rendering
Version 1.10 – 05/01/2018 – added: solo individual bands with Shift-Click – improved: various GUI elements – improved: color of text edit fields – improved: remove checkbox option for Runtime installers – fixed: missing copy actions for Windows Trial installer – fixed: OSX deployment target version issue – fixed: caching of initial counterpart value when faders move opposite – fixed: dry/wet sync issue for 192kHz – fixed: crash issue in Sequoia on Windows 8.1/ Mac Pro setups
Version 1.8 – 04/06/2017 – improved: threading implementation to optimise cpu load – improved: snap area of IN-OUT faders – fixed: bypass button bug in Studio One
Version 1.6 – 16/04/2017 – added: better visual cue for linked faders – added: update notification icon – added: shift-click moves IN-OUT faders in opposite direction – improved: overall CPU load and threading model – improved: component selection in installers – improved: channel link disabled for multi-mono instances – fixed: license UI overlay image size – fixed: missing hide button in license pane – fixed: alt-click fader to 0 dB in Pro Tools
Version 1.4 – 08/03/2017 – added: available update notification – improved: UI size for low-res screens – improved: installer by removing dependency on VC++ redistributables – improved: CPU load for higher sample rates – fixed: support for SADiE – fixed: glitch when putting plugin in bypass – fixed: metering flickers when toggling between instances of DynOne – fixed: metering refresh after playback stops – fixed: wrong path in AAX removal script
Version 1.2 – 24/01/2017 – improved: skew of ratio/attack/release slider for more precision at low values – fixed: CPU load spikes for high crest values – fixed: issue for extreme min/max settings – fixed: license folder permissions issue – fixed: detection slider bug – fixed: a few minor UI issues
Version 1.0 – 12/01/2017 – first public release