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Why does CenterOne or DynOne 3 cause a volume boost when inserted on a track in FL Studio?

A problem with CenterOne and DynOne 3 in FL Studio is that their auxiliary plugin outputs are by default routed and summed to the same track where the plugin is loaded. This is how FL Studio handles plugin aux outputs by default. This causes an unwanted volume boost in the case of CenterOne and DynOne 3. To avoid this unwanted aux routing, it is possible to disable the aux outputs in FL Studio’s VST wrapper settings. It is also advised to create a preset for this setting in FL Studio’s Plugin Database, so you can use this for every new instance.
How to disable aux outputs and create a plugin database preset with these settings:

– Go to VST wrapper settings > Processing
– Disable “Process inactive inputs and outputs”
– Disable (untoggle) every output other than “1. Out”
– Open “Plugin Database” in left browser window
– Navigate to the folder where you want to save this VST settings preset
– Go to VST wrapper menu (top left of VST window)
– Select “Add to plugin database (flag as favorite)”

Now, whenever you want to use CenterOne or DynOne 3 with aux outputs disabled, open the saved preset from the Plugin Database.
If you do want to make use of the aux output capabilities, we refer to FL Studio’s manual on how to set up mixer routing.

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