January 8, 2019


Leapwing Products

You’ll find a few things in common with everything below. They sound great, they’re easy to use, and in the right situation they can make the difference. They might look simple but make no mistake, each of these took years to develop with endless testing and a great attention to detail.
Al Schmitt Signature Plugin
We are really proud to announce our first signature plugin, developed with none other than legendary producer-engineer Al Schmitt. Our team analyzed Al’s workflow, gear and processes of the last decades, from subtle harmonic characteristics to echos, compression and EQ. The Al Schmitt signature plugin has 6 distinct profiles: vocal, piano, bass, brass, strings, and mix (bus). Distilled to minimal controls, and conceived to allow you to get your sound instantly.

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RootOne Subharmonics Plugin
RootOne is a new way to get the perfect low-end tonal balance. If you need more low-end for your mix, all it takes is a few clicks. It’s effective across a far wider range of sources than traditional solutions, which means more applications, more trust, and more bass. The perfect kick, bass guitar or bass synth pluck are only a few clicks away.

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StageOne Width & Depth Plugin
Adjust width, depth, and mono spread without phase or mono-compatibility problems; all thanks to a unique algorithm that produces clean results every time. StageOne is all about attention to detail and lets you bring depth to and compatibility between disparate audio sources, in a way you can trust.

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DynOne 3 Dynamics Plugin
DynOne was designed from the ground up to put 5 bands of quality parallel compression at your fingertips. It’s transparent, easy-to-use, and flexible so you can control your audio levels without discarding the nuances of your sound. It doesn’t take creative decisions away from you, so it’s well suited for the tweaker in you. It can also do things other compressors can’t. It was the first Leapwing plugin we designed and in a lot of ways has set the bar for what we’ve gone on to achieve.

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CenterOne Center Manipulation Plugin
Adjust your phantom center level in stereo audio, or separate your center and side signals. An original approach means you can bring prominence to a lead vocal without changing stereo content, or isolate centered and panned audio. If you’ve captured a great stereo performance that needs tweaking, that final take no longer has to be so final.

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Leapwing Merchandise
There’s now an easy way to let everyone know why your mixes are so good. Due to popular demand, our first “Dress to Compress” design can be bought via our partner Spreadshirt (link below).

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