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Al Schmitt release notes

Version 1.4 – 02/05/2022 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– added Guitar and Drums profiles
– added compression gain meter support for AAX
– added AAX pagetables
– added OpenGL support
– fixed bug with latency compensation in Ableton VST2
– fixed bug with latency compensation in Studio One
– fixed redundant Rosetta installer popup during installation on M1 macs
– various internal improvements

Version 1.2 – 14/07/2021 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– added Apple Silicon support for AU and VST3
– added Echo Only mode
– added support for arrow key up/down to change parameter values
– improved parameter entry and slider behaviour
– fixed profile selection in undo/redo manager
– various internal improvements

Version 1.0.2 – 09/03/2021 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– fixed: latency compensation when re-opening sessions in some hosts

Version 1.0.1 – 16/02/2021
– fixed: file path for factory presets on mac

Version 1.0 – 10/02/2021
– public release

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