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RootOne release notes

Version 1.8 – 09/07/2021 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– added support for Apple Silicon for AU and VST3
– added Multi-Channel Mode, support for multi-channel tracks
– added ctrl-click shortcut for slider linking
– improved slider handling of scroll-wheel and up/down key
– improved slider linking
– improved user interface
– fixed an undo/redo bug
– various internal improvements

Version 1.6 – 11/12/2020 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– fixed: bug that caused parameters to snap to default values in Cubase and Nuendo
– fixed: bug when typing values in linked parameter fields
– fixed: saturation link button bug when opening preset

Version 1.4 – 14/11/2020 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– added: attack parameter to shape subharmonics amplitude envelope
– added: lowest generated frequency parameter
– added: linking of subharmonic and harmonic controls
– added: mute buttons
– added: digital signature for Windows installer
– improved: deterministic behaviour of subharmonics generation
– improved: user interface
– improved: user manual
– various internal improvements

Version 1.2 – 08/09/2020 (Download MacOS | Download Windows)
– fixed: wobble bug in subharmonics
– various internal improvements

Version 1.0 – 31/08/2020
– public release

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